The Westende Reading Race


Our Home/School Agreement requires children to read regularly to an adult at home. This reading should be recorded in their ‘Home-School Link Book’ and signed by an adult. Ideally, reading should be undertaken daily for at least ten minutes.

To encourage children to read at home, we have a whole school reading reward scheme. Your child has a ‘Reading Passport’ in which they record their reading achievements. Once a week, children’s Home-School Link Books are collected in and signed by a member of staff. Your child can earn one credit in their passport for each day you have signed to confirm that they have read. To earn a point, children must read for at least ten minutes - they can collect up to 3 credits a day! Children will be given stickers to record their credits in their reading passports.

All children will be working towards achievement certificates, which will be awarded in our weekly Westende Wonders assembly. Children will be working towards:


- 50 credits


- 100 credits


- 150 credits

In addition to these individual awards, children will be working together in classes to reach joint goals which will result in class rewards. To see the leaderboard, updated each week, click here, or choose House Points & Reading Race from the 'Children' menu.

This is an exciting opportunity to celebrate children’s reading achievements and to motivate children to read. We hope you will take an active role in supporting this and will enjoy celebrating your child’s success sometime soon.


Reading with your Child

As you know, the children are asked to read every night. Whilst most children are more than happy to sit and read silently every day, it is still crucial to listen to your child read at least once a week (preferably more). As well as listening for fluency and expression, we would ask that you discuss the book that they are reading and question them on things they have read. Click here for a list of questions that you may find useful when discussing the text.

We would also ask that you encourage your child to read a wide variety of genres, including information books, books of short stories, poetry and newspapers. If you are struggling to find suitable books, please feel free to come and discuss this with us – we are more than happy to find an appropriate text from the school library.


All we ask is that you write a small comment in the reading record every week to show that your child has read aloud to you.