Autumn and Spring Terms

  • Grey trousers/shorts
  • Grey skirt
  • Dark royal blue polo shirt
  • Navy blue Westende jumper/cardigan/sleeveless jumper*
  • Grey/navy tights or plain grey/black socks – no colours or logos please
  • Black or navy shoes, which give good support and fasten securely; not boots or trainers

Summer Term

  • Grey trousers or shorts with plain grey/black socks
  • Dark royal Westende polo shirt*
  • Navy blue Westende jumper/cardigan/sleeveless jumper*
  • Blue and white dress (check) with plain white socks
  • Black/navy shoes as for winter, or sandals, which must not be open-toed
  • A suitable coat for the weather must be provided

Non branded School Uniform is available from all major supermarkets and stores. It is not compulsory to have branded school uniform items however if you wish to purchase logo’ed items, you can do so using the link below.

P.E./Games Kit

  • Training shoes
  • Navy blue shorts (NOT lycra-type “cycling” shorts)
  • Navy blue school T-shirt*
  • Navy blue tracksuit
  • Swimming trunks or swimming shorts (not Bermudas or PE/football shorts) or one-piece swimming costume with two shoulder straps (any colour/pattern)
  • Towel (for swimming lessons only)
  • Swimming hat *(all children must wear a cap for hygiene and health and safety reasons)
  • Googles (optional)

*Available from school

The school takes no responsibility for the wearing of watches. Jewellery should not be worn, and we discourage pierced ears. However, if a child has pierced ears, plain studs only should be worn. All long hair should be tied back for safety. Plain dark coloured hair band.

All clothing and equipment should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.

The Lost Property bin in the room behind the Hall may be inspected at any time and every effort is made to find lost items. Unclaimed items are disposed of at the end of each term.

Order school uniform

The best way to order uniform is online; login to Tucasi (School payment portal  – click here) and click on the School Shop link.

If you cannot order online, click below to download the order form.