Curriculum Vision

What is the creative curriculum?

The Creative curriculum is an exciting approach to teaching, driven by themes. So that coverage of the National Curriculum is achieved, along with progression across the school, the themes are taught through the different subjects: Music, Design and Technology (DT), Geography, History and Art. This means that the children have the opportunity to explore the theme in detail and through a variety of ways.

Why do it?

The children are at the heart of our school and our desire is to give them as many positive learning experiences, during their time at Westende, as possible. By embracing a creative curriculum, we are aiming to inspire our children and give them a love for learning. We’re not only making links between subjects, although this is important, but we’re finding ways to inspire the children by drawing upon their prior knowledge and interests.

The creative curriculum is designed to provide the children with memorable learning experiences, enabling them to think for themselves by branching out into areas of their curiosity and interest.

How do we do it?

Each year, once the themes have been agreed, staff begin the planning process. In doing so, it is vital to ensure the objectives of the National Curriculum are being met and that there is clear progression of skills being taught throughout the school. These skills have been carefully mapped out for all year groups. Progression and National Curriculum coverage is regularly monitored by the school’s creative curriculum coordinators.

How you can help?

We are aware that our parent body has expertise over a wide spectrum of interests, with links in both the local and wider community. We would love to hear your suggestions for activities, which we could incorporate into or use to enhance our themes. In addition, we would welcome any suggestions or any offers of help if you would like to become involved.


To find out more details about the curriculum at Westende Junior School, please contact Headteacher, Andrea Sykes –