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Dear Parents 


Please see the following information from the Parents' Association: 


Lolly Sales: Each Friday from 7th June lolly sales will start at both schools. 50p per item.

Friday 14th June: is a Mufti Day at both schools in return for a voluntary donation to the summer fair. Please bring bottles of wine bags of sweets (multi-packs or large bags), bags of lollies or boxes of chocolates.

If you have any new unused gifts to donate for the raffle or unwanted party bag toys for prizes please drop them at either school reception.

Saturday 22nd June: Please come and join us for a fun filled day at the fair from 12-3pm. 




Order Stikins labels and earn 30% commission for our schools.  No sewing or ironing. Suitable for shoes, clothes, lunch boxes, drinks bottles and bags.

Don't forget to use our school code 24774 so that our schools get the commission :

Raise money for Westende and Wescott as you shop! Click here for more details..




Committee Members 2017-2018
Lisa Lightfoot - Chair
Rachel Scott- Vice Chair
Helen Moss - Treasurer
Laura Buckingham - Secretary
Marie Forman