Admissions to Westende Junior School, and to the Acorns resource, are handled by Wokingham Borough Council.

How to apply

Wokingham Borough residents must apply using the application forms provided by the Borough. Residents of other local authorities must apply to their home authority for schools in the Wokingham Borough.

You may apply direct to Wokingham Borough Council, including families moving to the Borough from abroad, if you can provide evidence of a move to the Borough (e.g. exchange of contracts or signed rental agreement). Families of service personnel or other Crown servants may apply direct to us if an assignment order can be provided. Refer to the relevant page on the Wokingham Borough site (see links below) for further information or to the School Admissions Team for help and advice.

School Admissions Home page

Transfer from Infant to Junior School

Transfer from another Junior School (in-year admissions)


Wokingham Borough Council School Admissions Team contact details:

Tel: 0118 974 6245
Tel: 0118 974 6143
Tel: 0118 974 6111
Tel: 0118 974 6146
Tel: 0118 974 6113

Fax: 0118 974 6135


SEN support and advice

Support and advice regarding selecting a school for a child with special educational needs is available from the Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)