Westende Junior School Local Advisors



Role of the Local Advisors

All schools are managed by a Local Advisors, which works closely with the headteacher and the senior leadership team, to run the school in line with Department for Education and Local Authority guidelines.  

The Westende Junior School Local Advisors consists of 10 local advisors representing parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, the local authority and the wider community.

It takes a strategic role in the running of Westende Junior School and helps directs the school’s aims and objectives, setting its policies and putting in place targets to achieve whole-school improvement.  

The Local Advisor acts as a ‘critical friend’ to the Headteacher by providing challenge, advice and support. 

The Local Advisors are all volunteers who give their time and expertise free of charge to ensure that the school is run well, within budget and puts the needs and well-being of pupils and staff at the forefront.  



You can contact any member of the Local advisors via the Clerk, by emailing clerkgovernors@westende.wokingham.sch.uk or by the school office on 0118 978 6682.