Maths  (requires sign up/can download an app)

Fun games that the children can play on a computer or on a tablet. The games include all maths topics so there is something for everyone.

Games that the children can play to practice recalling multiplication facts.

Multiplication game that helps the children to practice their times tables and be tested on how quickly they can recall them in one minute.

A variety of games covering different maths topics. 

Videos showing the methods of different topics. Example questions that the children can complete underneath.

Games that children can play on a tablet or computer that support learning in different topics in maths.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice that can be changed to include any numbers. You can choose different characters and beat the clock.

A variety of games covering different maths topics.





Website detailing how parents can support their children in developing their mathematic skills for all age groups. 

Videos and example questions based on the different topics in maths (these are also helpful for the children). These show how the methods in different topics should be approached.

Link to the National Curriculum document showing what children should be able to do in each year group.

A selection of maths challenges based around different maths topics.