2019 Young Voices link to songs - 

If you have Spotify you can use the link below https://open.spotify.com/album/5H1wX4UHxDaHfVoTqDiDBO

Links to songs on Youtube

https://youtu.be/b6RcP-_yemU  - THANKYOU FOR THE DAYS

https://youtu.be/wltE4L_7ACA - MOANA MASHUP

https://youtu.be/MPTdOEtFY_U - FIGHT SONG chorus only

https://youtu.be/3YywjH1F6xo- ANY DREAM WILL DO

https://youtu.be/c23G8aT4Kok - AN AMERICAN FOLK ODYSSEY

https://youtu.be/upvV9ipxRuU - IT'S A SWING THING

https://youtu.be/1TOQBSnP10o - YOU GOTTA BE- chorus only

https://youtu.be/k3HfAqPk7F8 -WE ARE THE WORLD

https://youtu.be/AZCt2a9Ddz8 - VIVA LA VIDA

https://youtu.be/JwEkzDRBFw8 - TONIGHT BELONGS TO ME

https://youtu.be/Id3jSMShHcU - POP MEDLEY

https://youtu.be/6W-Qfij-4II - FINALE - THE GREATEST SHOWMAN Part 1

https://youtu.be/JvUJvN1pukI - FINALE - THE GREATEST SHOWMAN Part 2

https://youtu.be/NpX0s3lo7J8 - FINALE - THE GREATEST SHOWMAN Part 3


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