Year 6

What have we done so far this year?


In Science, we have been experimenting with chemical reactions, making carbon dioxide using sodium bicarbonate and vinegar.

In the first half of the term, we studied Crime and Punishment through history in Britain. When we arrived in the Tudor times, a practical activity was set – build your own model of a torture method. Surprisingly, the children LOVED this and made some fantastic models. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

(Above) Ben, Beth and Isabel, Grace and Mica and James and Manan with their  gruesome torture implements. 

We were lucky enough to be able to take the children to the Tower of London. Although the journey was a great deal longer than expected, the tour of most of the London sites was worth it! On arrival, we had a fabulous talk, from Duncan the jailer, about people imprisoned in the Tower and the many attempts (some lucky, some not) at escape. Another impressive thing that we were all surprised at was how giant ravens are! Furthermore, the crown jewels were fairly impressive; as was the security around them. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

(Above) Duncan the jailer explains how to escape from the Tower, while a raven looks on... 

By far the greatest challenge of the term was making our Getaway cars: they had to be fast, go straight and look the part too. Unfortunately, the electrics for these cars were very fiddly and took a great deal of patience to perfect. However, in the end, after much perseverance and determination, we had a super race-off to see each other’s designs and declare whose was the fastest. Click on the pictures to enlarge them, and on the arrow to play the video.

(Above) Charlotte, Grace Mc and Ralph show off their getaway cars, while (below) Seren's doesn't 'getaway' very far...