House Points

House point scores are updated every week and announced in Friday's Westende Wonders Assembly. Take a look at the Leader board in the Hall to see the weekly winner. This term's cumulative scores are below:

Spring term's winners were Dahl with 3470 points

Dahl   2118


Horowitz  1380


Morpurgo  1506


Blake   1538


Reading Race 

The Reading Race cumulative scores are updated weekly. Take a look below to see who is leading the race!

Last term's winners were Morpurgo, with 3405 points. Now we start again, so get reading to help your house win this term!

This term the reading scores are collected from individual classes.


     3B  326  


     4J   247         



5KZ  287 

 6D  480



    3D  349


4P  313



5A  109
 6T  522